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Charles Collinge Hinge

Charles Collinge Cup.png

The Charles Collinge Hinge is an iconic piece of English made, sand cast ironwork which has been used on a variety of public and private buildings and dwellings for several centuries. It may be used on front entrance gates, front doors, shed doors, garage doors or even wood window frames.

A variety of different lengths are available, along with support cups which the hinge slots into. We advise that any hinge ordered is at least two-thirds width of the leaf it is being fitted to as to ensure that the hinge can endure the weight of the leaf without undue stress or pressure. 


It comes prime-etched in Black and is ready to be painted, if required. This product is also available in a special, bespoke finish of Bronze. 


(Image shown above is a Left Handed hinge and a corresponding Cup) 


Available in the following lengths (Handed Right or Left)

  • 18"/1.5ft (2kg) - Requires 3/4" Cup

  • 24"/2ft (2.5kg) - Requires 3/4" Cup

  • 30"/2.5ft (4.5kg) - Requires 1" Cup 

  • 36"/3ft (6kg) - Requires 1 & 1/4" Cup

  • 42"/3.5ft (8kg) - Requires 1 & 1/4" Cup

  • 48"/4ft (11kg) - Requires 1 & 1/2" Cup

  • 60"/5ft (18kg) - Requires 1 & 3/4" Cup

  • 72"/6ft (25kg) - Requires 2" Cup

This is not available to buy online and lead time can be 3-5 weeks owing to the tooling, casting, cooling and cleaning processes. Please telephone us on 01279 726279 to discuss the requirements for area of fitting. 

60 Inch Collinge Hinge.png

A pair of 60"/5ft Charles Collinge Hinges, Left Hand (on the right) and Right Hand (on the left). 

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