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1. Definitions

(a) The ‘Supplier’ and by extension 'Us,' 'Our' and 'We' refers to Willis Architectural Ironmongery Ltd, its agents and assigns;

(b) The ‘Purchaser’ and by extension 'You' and 'Your' means the individual(s), customer(s), firm, business, entity, corporation or company purchasing goods and services from or otherwise dealing with the Supplier.

(c) The ‘Goods’ means any and all items purchased and supplied by the Supplier to the Purchaser. These are the terms on which we sell all goods and you agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions.

2. Interpretations

(a) Consumer means the individual or purchaser acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside his or her trade, business, craft or profession.

(b) Contract means the legally-binding agreement between you and us for the sale of goods and/or supply of services by way of an Invoice

(c) Delivery Location is the location of the supplier or otherwise stated location (i.e. the delivery location of the purchaser) where the goods are to be supplied or the services to be performed, as set out in the order.

(d) Goods and/or Services means the goods we supply or the services we perform for you, the quantity and description as set out in the order.

(e) Order means the customer's order for the goods and/or services from the supplier as set out.

3. Goods & Services

(a) The description of goods and services is as set our on our website and any official documentation or form of marketing and advertising. Any description is for illustrative purposes only and there may be minor discrepancies in colour, size, finish or any other aesthetic appearance feature.

(b) Where custom, bespoke, made to measure or made to order goods are ordered and supplied, it is your responsibility to ensure we are provided with accurate and correct information in writing.

4. Basis of Sale

(a) The description of goods and services listed on our website, brochures, marketing and advertising does not form a contractual offer to sell the goods or provide the services. We can reject any order or any reason, although we will do our best to tell you with as much notice as possible.

(b) A contract is formed upon the issue of a VAT Invoice issued to you, the purchaser, when payment is received and cleared or upon delivery.

(c) Quotations and Estimates are valid for a period of 365 days, they are not a contract of sale and is not a demand for payment. If this time elapses, a new Quote or Estimate will have to be submitted and created.

(d) Pro-Forma invoices are valid for 28 days; payment is required and to be received and cleared prior to despatch of goods or prior to the performing of services. If this time elapses, a new Pro-Forma will have to be issued.

(e) A VAT Invoice is a legally binding contract with a due date and you agree to our terms and conditions upon issuance. 

(f) No variation can be made after the Invoice has been issue. Any changes will be required in writing and will be re-issued under a new Invoice. This can replace or supersede prior orders.

(g) You agree to our terms and conditions upon receiving the Invoice. Any discrepancies or queries must be communicated to us in writing within five working days of issue date as stated on Invoice.

5. Payment Terms

(a) Walk in custom and trade customer without a credit account will be be issued goods and have services performed on a Pro-Forma Invoice basis; this means payment must be received and cleared prior to despatch of goods or services performed. As set out in 4.b, Pro-Forma Invoices will be valid for 28 days.

(b) For walk in custom and trade customers without a credit account will agree to completing a short credit account application of our making to ensure that we have information on file that is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and consent to us making credit checks with trade references supplied. Non-compliance with these procedures will result in the non-opening of a credit account and the continuance of being supplied to on a Pro-Forma basis.

(c) Trade customers with a credit account are sold to on the standard basis of a Strictly Net Monthly Account. This means that all invoices raised and issued to you in the course of a calendar month will be due on the last working day of the following month. For example, all invoices issued and dated in November will be due on the last working day of December. Any other terms will have been negotiated and approved for you and you alone, on an exclusive basis, such as extended remittance period or discounts.

(d) A remittance advice must be sent to our Accounts department for allocation of funds to invoices. 

(e) You agree to pay for invoices by the due date stated on the invoice. We also reserve the right to ask for payment at any time. Late payment will result in any incoming funds being applied to the oldest invoices first in order to try and prevent bad (irrecoverable) debt from arising, may result in a late payment fee and may result in interest being charged at 5% above the Santander UK Plc base rate. 

6. Payment Methods

(a) Cheque posted to our registered address as found below payable to Willis Architectural Ironmongery Ltd., or remitted in person at our office. This is our preferred method of receiving remittance.

(b) Cash in person at our office only, please do not send cash in the post as we cannot be held responsible for non-delivery.

(c) Electronic methods such as Faster Payments, BACS or CHAPS. Our banking information will only be sent if requested, and we reserve the right not to send this sensitive information if we deem it to be a security issue.

(d) Visa, Mastercard or American Express either at our office or over the telephone (MOTO Sale). We reserve the right to charge you a card transaction fee under the B2B Directive for a Business selling to another Business if using a Business, Corporate, Commercial, Fleet or other Debit/Credit card issued to and used in the name of your business at the rate applicable for that type of Debit/Credit card. This will be to cover the cost of taking the payment only. Non-compliance or non-disclosure at the point of sale may result in a demand for payment by way of an Invoice to cover the cost of taking the card payment plus an administration fee upon our reviewing of our monthly terminal statement which states the type of card used for the transaction.

(e) As set out in 5.b, a remittance advice must be sent to Accounts for allocation of funds to Invoices.

6. Returns

(a) For faulty goods, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible or within three days of receipt to discuss the issue(s), to arrange collection and credit/refund depending of if you have an account or not. Proof of fault must be disclosed, must be returned in its full and proper original packaging and will be inspected upon return. We reserve the right to refuse credit or refund if we deem that the fault has arisen as a result of having been incorrectly fitted, physically damaged or has been subject to misuse.

(b) For unwanted goods, goods must be unopened, undamaged and be able to be resold, must be returned to us at your cost and we must be notified within 14 days of receipt for a credit for customers with accounts or refund for non-account customers. You then have 14 days from the date of notification of cancellation to return the goods to us. This is where the law permitting up to 28 days returns is effective. Failure to comply with these regulations timely may result in the non-credit or non-refund of goods, either partially or fully.

(c) Unwanted, fitted, damaged, used, partially complete, unpackaged and/or misused goods, if we agree to accept the return, may be subject to a handling and restocking charge, which will be disclosed to your prior to agreement. We do, however, reserve the right to not accept and not credit/refund unwanted, fitted, damaged, used, partially complete, unpackaged and/or misused goods due to the non-resale ability. Damaged may included but is not limited to scratches, chips, mechanical failure due to improper fitting, misuse or changing its nature beyond the guarantee of its purpose which causes the goods not to work for which we cannot be held responsible. 

(d) Custom, bespoke and/or especially made to order goods cannot be returned, credited or refunded. We cannot accept the return of keys cut or personalised items with names or descriptions as these are unique to the customer. 

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